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Aquarium Heater 100W-300W - INKPET

Aquarium Heater 100W-300W - INKPET

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INKPET Aquarium Heater

100W heaters for 10~20 Gallon (37-75L) fish tanks
200W heaters for 20~30 Gallon (75-113L) fish tanks
300W heaters for 30~50 Gallon (113-189L) fish tanks

✓ Quartz glass material is shatterproof and acidproof, making it suitable for prolonged use in marine water and fresh water.
✓ Built-in thermostat to automatically control the water temperature at the desired value
✓ Temperature difference within ±1℃/±2ºF
✓ 20℃-35℃(68℉-94℉) adjustable heating temperature
✓ Over-temperature protection
✓ ℃/℉ Selection
✔ Double-row bracket with 4 suction cups for a more stable installation
✔ Soft silicone protective covers at both ends, no harm to your pet fish

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