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Power Strip Neptune Apex Edition - Sentry

Power Strip Neptune Apex Edition - Sentry

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Neptune Apex Power Device for AU Users

The Sentry Technology Power Strip (Apex Edition) is a revolutionary device that provides four independent wireless outlets that can be controlled like any other Virtual Outlet within your environment.

The best part of all, no additional Apex modules are required.

For a limited time all orders come with a Free 3D Printed Mount

For single power plug click here

Wireless Outlets

Provide wireless virtual outlets which integrate directly with your Neptune Apex.

Full Apex Control

Outlets are controlled like any other virtual outlet allowing for bespoke programming.

User-friendly App

Sentry Technology app simplifies the configuration and monitoring of your devices.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our boards are backed by a 12-month warranty from date of purchase.


The Sentry Technology Power Strip (Apex Edition) lets you add four Wireless Smart Outlets to your Neptune Apex eco system anywhere your home wireless network covers all through easy to use and familiar Virtual Outlets!

Whether you are looking to extend your existing aquarium controller solution to a place physical cabling is impractical or to address those rouge devices in your system, our power delivery accessories for the Neptune Apex are the solution you have been waiting for.

Take the power of control to another level with remotely located devices

  • Control your aquarium equipment even if it is located away from your tank or fish room
  • Add equipment currently unmanaged or not integrated into your aquarium controller like any Apex Virtual Outlet
  • Integrate each smart socket as a separately controlled virtual outlet, or use a common Virtual Outlet across your device for convenience
  • Find new and exciting ways to use our products and extend your aquarium controller!


How do Sentry Power Delivery Devices for Apex Work

This devices integrates with your existing Neptune Apex through the use of wireless technology. They are configured through the setup of virtual outlets on your Apex and mapping those virtual outlets to the physical outlets on your Sentry Technology Power Delivery device


Additional information



Rated Current

10A (MAX)

Rated Output


Rated Voltage

220V AC


4 x Standard AU Outlets
4 x USB-A Male

Radio Type

WiFi 2.4 Ghz ONLY

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