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Reef Salt Probiotic 2.2kg - 20kg - Reef Revolution

Reef Salt Probiotic 2.2kg - 20kg - Reef Revolution

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Reef Revolution Synthetic Pro-biotic Reef Salt has appropriate levels of calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, potassium and adequate levels of minor and trace elements. This salt has no phosphates, nitrates, and no other toxic compounds. Formulated for sophisticated reef and marine systems to promote fish and coral health, growth and colouration. Reef Revolution’s Marine Salt range is made from the purest ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers using Australia solar evaporated NaCl (raw salt) from clean water from the pacific ocean for clean and clear mixing salt and is manufactured in a humidity-controlled environment.

Reef Revolution products are manufactured in Australia.


For best results mix salt with deionized water (RODI). Using tap water can contain toxins e.g ammonia, copper, chloramines that can affect KH and PH. If tap water is used, Reef Revolution Water Detox is recommended to be used to treat tap water before mixing.

39.2 grams will make up approximately 1L @ 1.025, keep in mind refractometers +/- accuracy when testing salinity including other equipment like scales and testing equipment (regularly calibrate equipment when testing). DO NOT mix directly to your aquarium.


Keep out of reach of children. May cause skin and eye irritation, if you are exposed seek medical attention immediately.


Seal the inner bag after every use and store in a cool dry place.

*Bulky Item 20-25kg variant

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