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ABC Reagent Kit

ABC Reagent Kit

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ABC Reagents is a direct replacement kit for trident that gives you great results and saves you money.

Supplied in the correct size bottles to suit Trident

*Supply based on common testing frequencies of automated systems

2 month supply contains:

2 X 250ml bottles

250ml reagent B bottle

250ml reagent C bottle

1x Calibration solution

4 month supply contains:

4 X 250ml bottles

2 X 250ml reagent B bottle

2 X 250ml reagent C bottle 

2x Calibration solution 

6 month supply contains:

6 X 250ml bottles

3 X 250ml reagent B bottle

3 X 250ml reagent C bottle 

3 X calibration solution 

This is the same quality as you would get with Neptune 

It is recommended to test alkalinity of your calibration bottle with your preferred alkalinity test kit and use that value when calibrating. We recommend the Hanna Alkalinity Checker

Calibration solution is a stabilised saltwater that undergoes testing through various methods to determine its values. However, the alkalinity of the solution is not fixed and undergoes equilibria phenomena upon opening. This results in a value change due to exposure to different atmospheric conditions between bottling and re-opening in a new environment. Manufacturers have taken various measures to counteract this phenomenon, but it cannot be completely eliminated. On the other hand, the Calcium and Magnesium components of the solution remain stable unless evaporation occurs.

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