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Alkalinity Reefer Test Kit - Nyos

Alkalinity Reefer Test Kit - Nyos

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Precise Lab-Quality Testing at Hobbyist Prices

  • Easy to use drop test kit
  • Calibrated dropper for uniform drops
  • Stable titration reagent
  • Precise colour change
  • Separate indicator and titration solution
  • Strict batch and quality control
  • Designed specifically for testing saltwater
  • Includes enough reagents for 50 tests


High Sensitivity Saltwater Carbonate Hardness Test Kit

The Nyos Reefer Alkalinity Test Kit offers highly precise measurements of saltwater Carbonate Hardness at an attractive price point. Manufactured in Germany in accordance with EN ISO 9001 and analyzed with AAS and NIST standards, these kits are highly accurate and offer precise laboratory-quality results for the standard hobby user. Its calibrated dropper ensures uniform drops every time, resulting in reproducible measurements that you can trust. Includes enough reagents for performing approximately 50 tests.


What's Included?

1x 5mL Reagent CH-1

1x 25mL Reagent CH-2

1x Sample container

1x 5mL Plastic Syringe

1x Instructions

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