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Aura High End Acrylic Mounting Arms - Orphek

Aura High End Acrylic Mounting Arms - Orphek

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  • Compatible with OR/OR2/OR3 of LED Bar Lights (of all sizes)
  • Compatible with all sizes of aquariums as long as they are rimless glass tanks


  • Discreet sleek transparency that fits in any room with any kind of interior design
  • Easy to install, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance of your aquarium and your fixtures


  • Mounts directly to rimless aquarium glass till 20mm/0.78 inches maximum
  • The transparent acrylic vertical mounting arms size is 235mm /9.25

Orphek took in consideration that there are endless sizes and layout of reef tanks in the market today so what is really awesome about these mounting arms is that you can set it accordingly to your needed hight, just taking in consideration that the water level gives you extra distance.

In a nut shell each person can install it according to his/her personal preferences; size of the tank; Height; corals needs; and PAR desired.



Orphek had specifically advised the standard heights that can be hanged by Aura Acrylic Mounting Arms.

Orphek has also specifically advised on the maximum thickness of aquarium glass that Aura can be attached to. Not only that, that it is designed specifically for rimless glass aquariums and to hang the Orphek OR LED Bars.

With all that said, please kindly be reminded that Orphek only warrant and is responsible for the product itself and not for the aquarium of clients or corals. Any damages resulting from the installation or use/misuse, inobservance of Orphek’s advice regarding Aura is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


  • 2 transparent acrylic vertical mounting arms
  • 2 transparent acrylic clamps
  • 4 units of M4 16mm aluminum alloy screws
  • 4 units of M6 16mm transparent acrylic screws
  • 4 units of M6 25mm transparent acrylic screws 
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