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Auto Cooling Fan - Jecod

Auto Cooling Fan - Jecod

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This product is an intelligent device for aquarium cooling water. The controller connects the temperature probe in the water to obtain the value of the water temperature and controls the fan switch through the set threshold to achieve the effect of cooling.

In order to avoid unnecessary injury or damage caused by improper use and maintenance, please be sure to read and understand the relevant instructions carefully before use, and save the manual for future reference.

1. Easy to install on the edge of the aquarium (maximum thickness 15MM)
2. Accelerating the airflow on the water surface and the evaporative cooling function can cool the aquarium waterbody:
3. Strong corrosion resistance, suitable for water and seawater
4. Lightweight, small size, long life, economical and practical
5: Automatically adjust the water temperature of the aquarium by rotating.

Product Specifications
Model ACF-200 Input Voltage DC12V Power 3W Size: Length 18CM
Model ACF-300 Input Voltage DC12V Power 4W Size: Length 27CM

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