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Base Pump 10000 - Reef Factory

Base Pump 10000 - Reef Factory

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Powerful Flow, Quiet Operation, Smart Control

  • 2642 GPH Max Flow Rate
  • App Control and Monitoring
  • Run-Dry Protection
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

The Reef Factory Base pump is a solid choice for hobbyists who value quiet operation and ease of use. This pump provides consistent water flow, making it ideal for use as a return pump. Each Base pump is fully integrated into the Reef Factory app, allowing you to adjust flow rate, set a feed mode, monitor performance, and receive notifications if something isn't right. If you're in front of the aquarium, there is an included backlit display that shows the current speed of the pump.

Remote Control - Access your pump from anywhere with the Reef Factory app.

Adjustable Flow Rate - Easily dial in the flow rate to meet your aquarium's exact needs.

Push Notifications - Get notified if something goes wrong.

Feed Mode - Stop the pump for a set amount of time while you feed or perform maintenance. The pump will automatically turn back on after the set time. 

Separate Display - Quickly see the power and set flow rate of the pump without opening the app.

Rubber Feet - Reduces noise and makes for easy installation in your aquarium's sump.

Inlet Strainer - Prevents tank inhabitants and debris from entering the pump intake.

Download the Reef Factory Smart Reef App

   Google Play - Reef Factory Smart Reef AppiOS App Store - Reef Factory Smart Reef App


Output Size: 25mm, 32mm, 40mm PVC Slip or 20mm, 25mm, or 32mm Barbed Connection

Dimensions: 7" L x 4" W x 6" H (Note: dimensions do not include intake strainer)

Max. Head Height: 19 feet

Supply Voltage: 100-230 V AC 50/60 Hz, 24 V DC (adapter included)

Power Consumption: 80W


What’s Included?

Base pump


Power Supply

2x Output Nuts

PVC Output Adapter

Barbed Output Adapter

2x Rubber O-Ring

Mounting Rail for Controller

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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