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BioPellets - Aquarium Systems

BioPellets - Aquarium Systems

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Filterpellets for Nitrate and Phosphate reduction.
Filtration by NP biopellets is a probiotic method in which, owing to the presence of an organic carbon source, heterotrophic marine bacteria promote nitrification and denitrification by growth of the biomass. NP Biopellets from Aquarium Systems enable targeted degradation of nitrates and phosphates in seawater aquariums. Composed of 100% biodegradable polymers, they are at once a support for colonisation and a source of nutrition for bacteria intended to degrade nitrates and phosphates. The bacteria use NP Biopellets as a carbon source (energy source), and the nitrates and phosphates in the water in the aquarium as a nitrogen and phosphate source.

• Suitable for fluidised bed reactors.
• Consists of 100% biologically degradable polymers.
• Ideal carrier and nutrient source for nitrate and phosphate reducing bacteria.
• Additional food source for corals and filtering species.
• Long-lasting effectiveness.
• 50ml sufficient for 100l of aquarium water.
• Dosing spoon incl.
• Instructions in the packaging.
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