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Calcium Chloride 3.78L Mix - Krakking Korals

Calcium Chloride 3.78L Mix - Krakking Korals

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500g Calcium chloride dihydrate 77%

10% of profits from our supplements range gets donated to the Reef Restoration Foundation!

Food Grade 

Aquarium use only: Makes 3.78L of Calcium 

Mixing Containers



27ml raises calcium 10ppm per 100L for this recipe 

Dissolve 500 grams of calcium chloride dihydrate 77% in enough water (distilled or RODI water only) to make 3.78L total volume. You will use less water than 3.78L due to the volume of the calcium. 

This solution has about 37,000 ppm calcium.

The use of scales is recommended 

Place mixing container on scales and zero the scales.

Add 500g of calcium chloride and then add enough distilled or RODI water to the container until scales show 3.78kg.

Shake well, The bottle will get warm, this is normal.

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