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Coral Power Amino Ready 500ml - Coral Essentials

Coral Power Amino Ready 500ml - Coral Essentials

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Coral Essentials, Coral Power Amino Ready is a blend of essential amino acids for marine aquariums. It has the same amazing ingredients as our Coral Power Amino in a formula ready for dosing straight from the bottle and doesn't require refrigeration.  Suitable for use on all dosing machines or to direct dose manually. Corals require amino acids for enzyme production, tissue growth and skeleton formation to build protein for tissue growth and also for synthesis of the organic matrix which regulates and accelerates calcium carbonate deposition in the skeleton otherwise known as calcification.

To ensure enhanced growth of SPS corals, maintain a dosing plan as detailed below. Variances above and below the recommended dosing can be made depending on your own tank conditions and density of coral present. Increased levels of Amino Acids can be readily utilised by coral. We do not recommend dosing at high levels if there are elevated phosphate and nitrate levels in your aquarium. The application of high doses of Coral Power Amino Ready to aquariums with elevated phosphate and nitrate levels can result in algae outbreaks.

Please note Coral Essentials – Coral Power Amino does not need to be refrigerated after opening.​

Available in 500mL

Dosage rate:
Lightly Stocked - 2.5mL / 100L daily
Medium Stocked - 3.5mL / 100L daily
Heavy Stocked - 5.0mL / 100L daily

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