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Coral Power Nitrate Up - Coral Essentials

Coral Power Nitrate Up - Coral Essentials

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Coral Essentials, Coral Power Nitrate Up is a concentrated, inorganic nitrogen source (50,000 ppm).  In bacteria driven systems it provides an essential nutrient source to assist in biologically balancing marine aquarium systems.  Increasing the available nitrate allows the bacteria present to naturally bring down phosphate levels while providing a food source for your corals.
In ULNS (Ultra Low Nutrient Systems) aquariums corals can become pale and unhealthy if they are starved of available nitrate.  Coral Essentials recommends using Coral Power Nitrate Up when your system is too efficient at removing nitrate.  Coral will be more vibrant and colourful when nitrate and phosphate are maintained at correct levels. Coral Essentials recommends running your aquarium at a nitrate level between 1ppm and 5ppm.

Manual Dosing
Only for ULNS systems we recommend starting off dosing 1 drop (0.05ml)/day for each 100L (26 gals) of tank water. Variances above and below the recommended dosing can be made depending on your own tank conditions and density of coral present.
Advanced Dosing
For the advanced aquarist 1ml will raise the nitrate levels by 0.5ppm (mg/L) for each 100L (26 gals) of tank water. For drop dosing, 2 drops (0.1ml) will raise the nitrate levels by 0.05ppm in 100L. If you know the NO3 depletion rate in your system then dose accordingly as per above.

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