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Deepsee MAX Magnified Magnetic Viewer 5" - Flipper

Deepsee MAX Magnified Magnetic Viewer 5" - Flipper

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Get a Closer Look At Your Coral!

Made with optical grade magnifying glass, the DeepSee MAX 5" viewing portal is perfect for everyday viewing or even photography. With a focal range of 8-12", the DeepSee lets you get a much closer look at your corals to observe pests or early signs of disease that would be normally missed by the naked eye. The viewer is held in place by strong rare earth magnets that are compatible with tanks up to 3/4" thick. Each side has a soft felt-like surface that makes the DeepSee move smoothly across glass or acrylic aquariums without scratches or scuffs. Appropriate for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums, as well as in dry habitats such as terrariums.

  • 360 degree, hands-dry operation
  • Waterproof strong rare earth magnets
  • Safe for acrylic and glass
  • Large 5" viewing window
  • Perfect for aquarium photography
  • Ideal for observing pests or early signs of disease
  • Can be used in saltwater, freshwater, or dry enclosures
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