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Granulated Activated Carbon 1.2kg (2L) - Reef Revolution

Granulated Activated Carbon 1.2kg (2L) - Reef Revolution

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Reef Revolution's Granular activated carbon is a highly absorbent porous granule that is a proven option to absorb many dissolved contaminants from your aquarium such as chloramines, chlorine, tannins (which colour the water), phenols (which cause odours), heavy metals and toxins for sparkling clean and clear water. Reef Revolution's Granulated Activated Carbon is high quality that is manufactured in Australia.



50g/100L of carbon is required for a medium stocked aquarium.

Activated carbon lasts a total of 4 weeks so aquarium stock levels should be considered. Place the required amount of carbon into a media bag with a zipper and thoroughly rinse carbon, once rinsed place in a high flow area of your sump or your cartridge filter. Gloves are recommended to be used as carbon will stain hands.

For copper removal after using Reef Revolution's Quarantine 250g/100L of carbon is recommended.


May cause skin and eye irritation. Wearing gloves and eye protection is recommended.

Storage: Seal the internal bag after use and store in a cool dry place.

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