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KH Carer - Kamoer

KH Carer - Kamoer

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Test Alkalinity with Confidence!

Tests and doses!! no need to buy an additional pump!

The Kamoer KH Carer is an automatic testing device measuring KH values (Alkalinity) in an aquarium. It includes manual and automatic detection functions. Users can easily view the test results and set the test parameters in the Android or iOS app. The equipment can adjust the KH value according to the test results automatically.
The stepper motor-driven pump heads, precision pH probe, twin optical sensors, automatic stirring and flushing protocols are all important features that ensure each test sample is collected, tested and dosed with the greatest possible accuracy. Unexpected high or low readings, (out of trend), are automatically retested to safeguard against sample errors and user-defined limits alert against over or under dosing outside of set parameters.

Automatic and Manual Testing
In the app it is possible to manually perform an immediate test with the KH Manager or to set up a regular automated testing schedule.
Automatic schedules can be programmed to test between 1 and 24 times per day, this can be every day of the week, certain days of the week or a set number of days, giving the user full flexibility.
After each test the result is shown on the units display for quick reference along with the time/date the test was performed, if an automatic schedule is set the time/date of the next test will also be displayed. In the app a full data log is shown for both pH and KH along with any automatic additions of KH buffer solution if the dosing option is activated.

Automated dosing of KH Buffer
Automated KH maintenance can be activated to maintain a stable and consistent level. Once the test has been performed a dedicated built in dosing channel will activate to add a liquid buffer raising the KH in the aquarium to the user defined set point.
The amount of buffer added in one dose can be limited to avoid any large single additions. If the volume to be dosed is higher than the amount allowed in one addition an automatic dosing schedule will be created to break the dose into smaller increments over a period of time and displayed in the app.
Settings in the app allow for the use of the standard Kamoer KH buffer or any other brand of KH buffer solution.

Key Features:

  • It includes a 2.8-inch display screen
  • Features high-precision pump heads
  • Automatically completes the test and adds KH reagent according to the results
  • Supports two detection modes: automatic test and manual test
  • Supports pump flow calibration and pH calibration
  • Includes a real-time clock, which runs automatically according to the set parameters, and the power down parameters are not lost
  • Support iOS and Android with remote WiFi and local Bluetooth control
  • Support the solution bottle capacity monitoring function, and push the alarm when the solution bottle capacity is insufficient
  • Support the function of alarm push

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