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KH keeper Ready-to-Use Reagent 1L - Reef Factory

KH keeper Ready-to-Use Reagent 1L - Reef Factory

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KH keeper Ready-to-Use Reagent

  • No Mixing with RO/DI Required
  • Sufficient for Approximately 100 tests
  • High Repeatability and Measurement Accuracy

Ready-to-use reagent for use with the Reef Factory KH keeper Plus. This device collects water from the aquarium for testing, performs the automated test, and saves the result in the app. You can check the results and history of measurements in the app at any time.

1 L of this ready-to-use reagent lasts for about 100 tests on average. The exact number of tests will depend on the alkalinity level of your aquarium water. Higher alkalinity will result in greater reagent consumption, while lower alkalinity will consume less reagent.

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