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Koral Blizzard 500ml - Krakking Korals

Koral Blizzard 500ml - Krakking Korals

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Liquid filter media as well as a secondary biological facilitator for elements and nutrition.

  • Treats and prevents slime algae and cyanobacteria
  • Neutralises water yellowing compounds and unwanted acids

Koral Blizzard liquid will help with yellowing compounds that activated carbon misses. It has also been shown to be beneficial in treating unwanted slime algae and cyanobacteria. 

Makes your water crystal clear by removing organics in the water column, by making it more accessible for your filtration such as filter socks and skimmer 

Dosing Instructions:


1ml daily per 100L directly into return flow or wavemaker. Dose can be significantly increased if needed as it can not be overdosed and will not be harmful in larger amounts. 

To Treat Cyanobacteria we recommend dosing in conjunction with Dr Tim's Refresh


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