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M-Rack Dosing Tube Holder (2pk) - ITC Reefculture

M-Rack Dosing Tube Holder (2pk) - ITC Reefculture

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Our M-Rack Dosing Tube holder has been manufactured from industry standard setting Perspex cell cast acrylic. This ensures the highest quality part which will last many years underwater without effecting your water quality and will not break down over time. This rack will still look black under blue LED lighting! 

Tidies upto 5x 5mm dosing tubes and sold as a pack of 2. Use two lock side M-Rack PUK's to create a handy loop outside of the tank or sump, if needs be! 

This rack requires one M-Rack magnet PUK per plate - Sold separately. 

Made in the UK by ITC Reefculture.

This is not a 3D printed part.


40mm x 45mm

For 5mm OD Silicone dosing tube

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