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Magnesium Sulfate 2kg - Krakking Korals

Magnesium Sulfate 2kg - Krakking Korals

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Pharmaceutical Grade

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Aquarium use only

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Dissolve Magnesium Sulfate (3 cups) and Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (5 cups) in enough purified freshwater to make 3.78L total volume.

This solution is dosed to the aquarium much less frequently than the alkalinity and calcium parts. For example each time you finish adding a 3.78L of both alkalinity and calcium of Randys Recipe 1, you will only use around 610 mL of magnesium solution, meaning it will need to be purchased less often. 

This solution contains about 47,000 ppm magnesium, 70,000 ppm sulfate and 86,000 ppm chloride.


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