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Marine Master Multiparameter Photometer - Hanna

Marine Master Multiparameter Photometer - Hanna

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One Meter to Rule them All -- Now with Bluetooth!

Accurately check pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Low Range and High Range Nitrate, Ultra Low Range Nitrite, and Ultra Low Range Phosphate with one single, compact multiparameter tester. Then use the integrated Bluetooth to connect to the Hanna Lab App (via a compatible smart device) where you can log your results, add notes, share your data, and create method groups for future testing.

All-In-One Testing with Precise Results for Reef Tanks
The HI97115 Marine Master Photometer is a waterproof tester that combines accuracy and ease of use into one simple, portable design. Now with Bluetooth capability, you can easily log and save your results in the Hanna Lab App. Its advanced, lab-quality optical system ensures accurate readings while its user-friendly design and built-in tutorials make it perfect for marine scientists and aquarium hobbyists alike.

  • Test 9 parameters with a single unit
  • Precise and advanced LED optical system
  • Waterproof and floating IP67 meter design
  • Backlit LCD and on-screen help guides
  • Built in reaction timer for consistent testing
  • CAL Check validation and calibration
  • Auto-data logging to easily record results
  • Option to track which aquarium measurements are from for multi-tank homes
  • Auto shut-off
  • Locking system to hold cuvettes in same position every test


CAL Check™ Validation

Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check™ feature provides a stress-free, straightforward way to ensure your photometer is working properly. Simply insert the certified CAL Check™ standards and let your meter guide you through validation. If your photometer is out of specification for any reason, simply calibrate to your standard.

Tutorial mode can be enabled or disabled from the setup menu.

On-Screen Tutorials

The built-in tutorial mode guides users step-by-step through the measurement process. It includes all steps required for sample preparation, the required reagents, and quantities.

Tank Selection and Multiple Reading Locations Management

Users can edit up to 25 different tanks, correlate reading location to any location from the list so that logged data is linked to its reading location.

Data Logging

Missed a measurement? No need to worry because your photometer will automatically log the last 200 measurements. The results can be viewed instantly using the Log Recall Menu.

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