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Mikrozell - Brine Shrimp Culture Food - HOBBY

Mikrozell - Brine Shrimp Culture Food - HOBBY

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High quality feed powder for fully formed nauplia 8 - 10 days after hatching.

Soluble in water, mix for artemia nauplii that are 8 - 10 days old. Contains fine phytoplankton.

Feeding recommendation:
It is sufficient to start feeding the nauplii with HOBBY Liquizell 1 - 2 days after hatching. This feed contains such fine phyto-plankton that it is possible for the nauplii to ingest them in spite of their tiny mouths. After 8 - 10 days the Artemia will have grown so much that they can now be fed with HOBBY Mirkrozell. In doing so, as long as green feed particles are still visible in the water no further feeding is required.

Composition: minerals, algae


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