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Nano Black Label - Coral Essentials

Nano Black Label - Coral Essentials

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Coral Essentials, Nano Black Label is a full set of your favourite Black Label range in a smaller 3 x 15ml size.  Perfect for Nano tanks or those wanting to try out the amazing benefits of our Black Label range.  Keeping all the same magic formula and amazing results of their bigger brothers these little bottles sure pack a punch for any marine aquarium. Nothing gives your tank a colour boost like Chroma+, nothing gives your tank an active boost like Vibrance+, nothing gives your tank a feeding boost like Energy+

Please note all should be stored in the refrigerator after opening

Available in 3 x 15ml pack.

Dosage rate: We recommend starting dosing each product at 1 drop (0.05ml)/day for each 100L of tank water in both the morning and the evening. If the results are good and depending on the coral density in your tank you can increase steadily to 2 drops at a time over a period of a few weeks. Conversely you can try to reduce the dose to 1 drop per day (morning or evening) and see if the results are just as good. 

Please refer to Manual Dosing for more detailed dosing information.

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