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Nano Flipper FLOAT - Magnetic Aquarium Algae Cleaner

Nano Flipper FLOAT - Magnetic Aquarium Algae Cleaner

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Scrub, flip, and scrape unsightly algae away with the new and improved floating Flipper!


The new Flipper Float is the ultimate tool for keeping your aquarium glass free of unsightly algae! Flipper's patented design creates the only 2 in 1 magnetic aquarium cleaner that can quickly flip from scrubber to scraper simply by rotating the handle. Flipper magnet cleaners feature a low-profile wet side and strong neodymium magnets so you can scrub or scrape away even tough algae buildup without ever having to stick your hands in the water.




  • Designed for smaller tanks with glass or acrylic up to ¼” thick
  • Wet side Now floats to the top of your aquarium if it detaches from the dry side
  • New, improved, longer lasting handle pad surface
  • Made with rare earth magnets for incredible cleaning strength and durability. Cleans even the most stubborn coralline algae.
  • Blade side has only 3 contact points resulting in a 3mm gap between the cleaner and the glass. This minimizes the chance of trapping sand, and thus reduces the chance of scratching, even when cleaning below the sand!.
  • Includes Stainless Steel for glass tanks.
  • It is suggested to replace blades every 3-6 months to maintain optimal algae scraping.


Available in Three Sizes

  • Flipper Nano Float - For tanks up to ¼ inch thick
  • Flipper Standard Float - For tanks up to ½ inch thick
  • Flipper Max Float - For tanks up to 1 inch thick


Dry Side Dimensions: 3"L x 1.5"W x .5"H

Wet Side Dimensions: 3-3/4"L x 1-7/8"W x 7/16"H

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