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Atlantik iCon - Orphek

Atlantik iCon - Orphek

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Orphek Atlantik iCon - Latest Model


Most Advanced & fastest Intelligent connectivity – Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, 5G internet connectivity/ high speed response/ Built- in wireless worldwide remote and local programming, control and monitoring/ Ability to program multiple Atlantik iCon units individually, in groups or in unison/ Large storage with capacity for additional programs

Incredible new Orphek App. compatible with IOS & Android/ iCloud support

Groundbreaking technology 1000% full spectrum dimming control system

Most powerful LED lighting solution – ~235 Watt /Highest efficiency power supply – PF (power factor) 0.97

Perfect spread: The Atlantik iCon has Perfect spread for : 43″ x 25″, 110cm x 65cm SPS & LPS coral reef aquariums.

Mesmerizing & best spectrum ever developed by us for optimal coral growth, color pop & health

Unprecedented & unparalleled  most natural appearance to the tank form 10K to 50K/Providing the best PAR/PUR per watt

Wide spectrum from UV (380nm – 740nm)/

Exceptional durability – A LED light that is made of full body acrylic and high quality aluminum alloy/ Mean Well driver /Orphek is the only company using 26 glass lens for all UV/violet LEDS/waterproof connectors/ new double surface cooling system – improved thermal flow and dissipation of heat and 4 speed controllable fans for increased long-lasting life span of its LEDs.

Amazing versatility fitting several applications, layouts, environments/ several degree lens/ options of hanging features and layouts (comes with a hanging kit with no extra costs)/ can be combined with other Orphek LED lights.


  • SPS/LPS coral reef salted water tanks
  • Designed to enhance beauty of both natural and synthetic compositions!
  • One unit is perfect for 43″ x 25″, 110cm x 65cm SPS/LPS Corals reef aquariums
  • Perfect for giving your tank the natural look, mimicking nature at its fullest
  • Perfect for coral farming

It comes with incredible features:

  • Intelligent Connectivity – friendly technology, operating through Orphek awesome new App., compatible with both IOS and Android, voice control and many other cool features.
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth – with iCloud support, 5G internet connectivity, high speed response, extra data security.
  • 1000% dimming control system – never offered in the market before!
  • 78 customized high quality, high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs – total of 156 individual LEDs Chip.
  • 10 optimized different types of Dual chip 5W wide range LEDs for maximum photochemical efficiency.
  • 26 glass lens for all UV/violet LEDS – no yellowing over the time!
  • Plug and play technology – effortless part’s replacement for simple and easy light maintenance.
  • Pre-installed program for optimal coral pop color & growth
  • Wide convex 120 degree lens
  • Customization: For Deep Aquarium  90 / 60 / 45 / 15 / and 5 degree lens
  • Mean well Fan-less IP65 power supply
  • New additional awesome features for your corals and jellyfish
  • Six separated control and programming channels
  • Pre-installed program for optimal coral pop color & growth
  • New improved heat dissipation and cooling system & 4 fans
  • Improved internal lens to make sure you are getting the best Orphek LEDs!
  • Extra data security
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