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Orphek Coral Lens Kit - 52mm

Orphek Coral Lens Kit - 52mm

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These lens kits are 52mm and will fit over any phone, they even fit over your GoPro!

Your pictures will look like your aquarium in real life for the first time:

Combining our 15,000k orange lens with our 20,000k yellow lens you will be able to reproduce the exact natural look of your aquarium in your pictures!

Truth is, you don’t even need to be an experienced photographer to take amazing photos of your corals because you will get professional quality to your pictures due to our special lens!

Also, Orphek Coral Lens Kit offers lens that will cover all cameras of your phone including the 3 cameras of iPhone 13 Pro MAX , Samsung Galaxy S21 . Most kits don’t. You usually have to choose the main camera.

Coral viewer

Orphek optical lens have superior quality:

Quality glass:

Glass is far more resistant to scratching than acrylic, so your Orphek opticals filters won’t scratch easily like all cheap plastic filters you find in the market!

Not only that, in terms of precision you will get clearer view and no blur with Orphek opticals lens that acrylic, polycarbonate or any other materials.

If you notice that sometimes you have light reflection and glare on your photos when trying to take pictures of your aquarium with smartphones or cameras, our CPL 52mm reduces light reflection and increases color saturation!


Orphek Lens Kit is designed with industrial grade aluminum along with premium optic lenses, so you can capture shots with amazing clarity and detail.

Because Orphek Lens kit offers Interchangeability:

You can swap or combine lens for different effects!

Completely stackable:

All 4 lens including the wide angle and macro lens are built in an attachable design for full coverage at any orientation.

Coral viewer

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