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The POLY-FILTER is for filtering and purifying both fresh and salt water aquariums. It is a formulation of a special patented material bonded to a synthetic matrix. By means of a unique proprietary process, the POLY-FILTER is made impervious to salt and is also organic loving to certain materials. It can absorb and adsorb contaminants and other toxic materials found in nature or added to fresh and salt water with or without fish and invertebrates. Medication added to fresh and salt water aquariums for treatment of diseased fish will automatically be removed by the POLY-FILTER after serving their intended purpose before the medication can produce a toxic effect on the fish.

The POLY-FILTER is non-toxic and harmless to biological filtration because it allows a sufficient amount of ammonia to reach the biological filter in order to sustain the bacteria culture. The POLY-FILTER provides a supplemental means for removal of ammonia when the biological filter is unable to break down the excess ammonia and its concentration increases rapidly. Then the POLY-FILTER adsorbs the excess ammonia while the biological filter readjusts to higher ammonia input levels.

How do you know it is working?
You can tell the POLY-FILTER is working by observing its color gradually changing from an off-white to a brown color after prolonged exposure to contaminants in your aquarium. Cut POLY-FILTER in half when dark brown in color. If cut cross-section is also dark brown replace with new one.  Another method is to check ammonia levels in your aquarium before installing the POLY-FILTER and periodically thereafter.  A third method is to add medication and subsequently check its concentration in the aquarium water after approximately 48 hours.

When should you replace your Poly-Filter?
When the POLY-FILTER turns DARK in color, it is still operating effectively and does not have to be replaced. However, when it begins to turn brownish in color, it should be removed, discarded and immediately replaced with a new POLY-FILTER.

In those situations where the POLY-FILTER has been subjected to heavy waste product loads for prolonged periods; i.e. ammonia levels ranging from 0.50-1.50 parts per million or higher, and the aquarium water continues to appear yellowish-green in color or cloudy in appearance, then the filter is no longer effective and should be discarded and replaced immediately with a new POLY-FILTER.

Will Poly-Filter® sorb ammonia, nitrite and nitrate out of fresh and marine water?
The Poly-Filter® sorbs ammonia and organic nitrogen compounds produced by fishes, invertebrates, sharks/rays, turtles and amphibians. The Poly-Filter® sorbs ammonia (NH3) > 0.10mg/L which only occurs above 7.5pH range. Below 7.0 pH mainly ammonium ions (NH4+) are produced which are nontoxic and nonsorbable by Poly-Filter®. Poly-Filter® can help prevent nitrite (NO2-) ions from reaching toxic levels through several methods. Poly-Filter® may sorb some nitrate (NO3-) ions in freshwater. In natural or synthetic seawater nitrate (NO3-) ions cannot be retained by any chemical filtration media due to sulfate ions leaching action. Anytime the sulfate ions exceed 40 mg/L this nitrate leaching back out of filter media is observed. Poly-Filter® sorbs many organic wastes that are converted into nitrates thereby lowering nitrate formation.

Can Poly-Filter® actually remove all traces of any Copper Medication/Treatment? Will Intervetrabrates survive, in a tank, that Poly-Filter® has removed the Copper?
Answer: Yes to both questions. In fact 8 sq. inches or ¼ of a Poly-Filter® will sorb 285.60 - 288.00 mg of Copper ions. Poly-Filter® sorbs any type of copper both chelated and nonchelated forms. We have treated quarantine tanks with copper-formalin for 14 months adding weekly (0.15 - 0.25mg/L concentration) then used Poly-Filter® (without a water change) to remove the copper down to trace element level (0.040 mg/L) and then added Invertebrates. Method of Analysis: Atomic Absorption EPA Methods 7210 & & 7211.

Does Poly-Filter® remove other Fish Medications/Treatments?
Yes, Poly-Filter® will remove all soluble medications. Some medications are sorbed faster than others, Poly-Bio-Marine, Inc.® recommends running Poly-Filter® 3-4 days minimum after stopping treatment. Never remedicate while sorbing old Medication! A Few organic dyes complexed with salts may take longer sorbing than other medications. Always remember, some medications are only partially soluble in fresh or marine water --- these medications can take longer for Poly-Filter® to sorb out of the aquaria.



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