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Reef Crystals Reef Salt 20kg - Aquarium Systems

Reef Crystals Reef Salt 20kg - Aquarium Systems

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Reef Crystals sea salt is the first formulation of enriched sea water to contain the additional benefit of elements important to Reef aquarium enthusiasts.
1. Additional calcium that enables Reef organisms to form their shells or skeletal structures.
2. Additional trace elements that provide additional important nutritional elements. 
3. Additional vitamins that promote the optimal growth and survival of corals, anemones, algae, etc. 
4. A neutraliser that eradicates the dangers presented by the heavy metals in the domestic water supply.

Reef Crystals represents a significant improvement in the field of aquarium maintenance.

Dissolves rapidly
• Mixes crystal clear in just a few minutes.
• Can be used immediately.
• Reaches and maintains correct ph quickly.
• Unique crystal structure makes this the fastest dissolving enriched salt.
• Guaranteed uniform consistency.

Complete Formula 
• Easy to use.
• Each batch is analyzed to ensure the correct levels of all elements.

Rich in Calcium and Magnesium
• Helps reef organisms to form their skeletal structure.
• May eliminate the need for additional calcium.

Trace element enriched
• Contains all the elements to support the growth of coralline algae.
• Creates the ideal environment for the maintenance and growth of even the most demanding marine organisms. 
• May remove the need for additional trace elements.

Contains vitamins
• Provides essential vitamins for the optimal growth of invertebrates, corals and anemones.
• Raw materials from the prehistoric salt mines in Lorraine (France).
• Free of pollutants.
• Environmentally friendly.
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