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Reef Delete V1.02 - ITC Reefculture

Reef Delete V1.02 - ITC Reefculture

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Reef Delete is the ultimate easy-to-use chemical free solution to rid your aquarium of all kinds of pests.

Beat nature, naturally!

NEW V1.02 - With 1.7X more power over our original launch Reef Delete! 

Reef Delete uses patented technology coupled with a custom handmade ultra-focused UV-C light source to efficiently destroy any aquarium pest resulting in natural, effective decay without it returning. This power coupled with a daily dosing regime will see that you can fight off a whole host of pests from pest corals, algaes, flatworms etc including bubble algae, soft corals like Xenia, Aiptasia. You can even hold SPS back corals from taking over without fragging and perhaps even coral disease control! Anything with DNA will eventually be taken down by Reef Delete given the right dose length and number of doses. With this UVC tool - the world and options are open to explore. 

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