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Reef Flare Pro Mounting Arm M/L - Reef Factory

Reef Flare Pro Mounting Arm M/L - Reef Factory

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Easily and Securely Mount the Reef flare Pro LED

  • Compatible with Reef flare Pro M & L Sizes
  • Mount the Reef flare Directly to the Aquarium
  • Also Available in Black

Mount your new Reef flare LED light fixture to your aquarium with ease using Reef Factory's Reef flare mounting arm. Available in both black and white, you'll be able to perfectly match your Reef flare light fixture's finish. Made of one solid piece of aluminum, you can be sure it'll stand up to the harsh saltwater environment. The arm is height and length adjustable for maximum flexibility.

What's Included?

1x Arm Mount Kit for M/L Reef flare Fixtures

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