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Reef Master SPA - Kamoer

Reef Master SPA - Kamoer

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The Kamoer Reef Master SPA is a multiparameter water quality monitor that can detect Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrate, Phosphate and Nitrite. 

The Kamoer Reef Master SPA uses manufacturer-made reagents. Some of the reagents include:
  • KH detection reagent: 250 ml, with a maximum detection time of 150 times
  • Ca Mg A reagent: 250 ml
  • PO4 A reagent: 25 ml, with a maximum detection time of 90 times
  • PO4 B reagent: 50 ml


Technical Parameters

Reef Master SPA

Power supply
DC24V 2A
About 3350g
Control method
Kamoer Remote App, supports Android, iOS
Testing parameters
Calcium, magnesium, KH, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate
Manually and automatically detect water quality parameters, view detection value history, and push abnormal detection values
External interface
CAN communication, WIFI, Bluetooth
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