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Reef Mini S2/M - CADE

Reef Mini S2/M - CADE

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The CADE Reef S2/M Mini is a revolutionary new saltwater nano system that sets a new standard in desktop reef Aquariums. Our goal was to create a system that ticks all the boxes with emphasis on equipping the aquarist with features that will help them create optimum conditions for their inhabitants.  

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Lets run through the features. 

All CADE Aquariums including this one are constructed using flat polished super high clarity Opti-Clear glass to all panels and silicone is applied with precision for a minimalist razor sharp finish with perfect lines, gaps and edges. The CADE logo is laser etched within the front glass panel, positioned at the top right corner of all tanks and acts as your guarantee of authenticity. 

The tanks aluminum framed base neatly elevates the tank off the desktop surface for a neater finish and improved viewing aspect. Behind the base we have concealed an ATO reservoir that holds approximately 20L of water which is filled in the right rear corner of the tank. This setup will accomodate a range of small Optical Sensing Auto Top Off devices. 


The CADE Reef S2/M has a rear filtration system that is smartly designed to maximize use within a compact space to ensure optimum water conditions for your marine inhabitants. Water is delivered to the filter through a mid level inlet and a surface intake vents. The first chamber contains a CADE protein skimmer. The intake of the skimmer is just above the low intake for maximum uptake of heavy suspended solids. The skimmer is also DC controlled to allow for maximum adjustability so you can dial it in to perfection. The second and third chambers contains a removable media baskets to accomodate mechanical, biological and chemical filtration media. You may prefer to use one chamber to house your heater. The final chamber contains a powerful and quiet 1000LPH DC speed controllable nano return pump (the first of it's kind) which delivers water to the tank via a neatly concealed outlet with directional flow control. 

To conceal the filteration and protein skimmer the CADE S2/M has an acrylic decoration plate that rests on the top of the tank and is easily removable for servicing. 




  • Dimensions (Overall) : 472 (L) x 472 (W) x 600 (H)
  • Tank dimensions : 450 (L) x 450 (W) x 385 (H)
  • Display dimensions: 450 (L) x 350 (W) x 385 (H)
  • Total capacity: 77L / 20.3 gal 
  • Display Vol. (Minus filter) : 60L / 16 gal
  • ATO Reservoir (concealed underneath) 20L / 5.3 gal
  • Base colour options: Black / Grey 
  • Glass thickness: 5mm
  • Opti-Clear glass
  • Flat polished edges
  • Laser etched CADE logo 
  • Open top (rimless)
  • Laminated white base panel
  • Black glass rear panel
  • Twin intake weir 
  • Perfectly cut silicone edges
  • 1000 l/ph, 264 g/ph Return Pump
  • Directional flow control filter outlet
  • 2x removable media baskets
  • CADE Protein Skimmer (DC Controlled) 
  • Quite operation
  • Acrylic filter cover (removable)
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