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Reef Moonshiner's Coral Dip concentrate - Exodus 500ml

Reef Moonshiner's Coral Dip concentrate - Exodus 500ml

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Reef Moonshiner's

Coral Dip concentrate - Exodus 500ml

Reef Moonshiner's Exodus Coral Dip concentrate

For advanced Aquarists,

Bottle contains 500ml

This Coral Dip is extremely effective against all common and even more resistant Coral pests. Also very harmful to good and bad bacteria.

Especially very resisting Spionid and other worm species are going to be pulled out of their wormholes if correctly applied after minutes of a coral bath in the dip mix with Aquarium water.

Suitable for Soft and Hard Coral, Rocks, and Aquarium equipment disinfection.

If used to dip Liverock, please be aware that most of the good and desired micro flora and micro fauna is going to be killed during the dipping process.

Do not use in the Aquarium itself, only use it as dip in separate aquarium containers. Corals and frags or rocks will not carry any harmful chemicals into the aquarium! The dip is very gentle on Corals, however very sick Corals from shipping stress or diseases may not survive the dip.

AEFW species are going to be removed and die during the dip, however the eggs are not penetrated.

How to apply:

It is important that the Coral dip in the tank water is mixed prior adding the corals.

Add 30ml Exodus into 1Liter Aquarium water and stir up quick.

The Dip concentrate has a slightly brown yellow appearance, this is normal, but has no noticeable smell!

For very resistant and most effective dipping the Coral is in the dip for 60 minutes and must remain in a slow but continuous flow so the water and dip can penetrate the coral through wormholes deep inside the coral clusters.

This is important and typically these worms start to come out earliest after 10-15 minutes into the dip. It helps to pull the dead hanging worms out of the holes after 30 minutes of dip, to allow more water to enter the inner of the coral.

This can be a very gross task, so be prepared and have tweezers ready.

I have not have heard of any other Dip on the market that does remove invasive Spionid worm species.

Very useful was the use of small cheap PETCO aquariums with 2 gallons or smaller capacity, a very small cheap powerhead and a short preset heater that keeps the tank temp from dropping below 25/26degC which is the preset on these small mini heaters. Available at PETCO as well usually for very reasonable cost, so you have a complete DIP setup you can use anytime for frags and colonies to a certain size.

Small frags can be dipped in specimen containers which are usually 100ml of water, along with a 3ml amount of Dip. With the Lid on top of the specimen container, the Specimen container (aka Piss Cup in Reefer Jargon), can be closed and rinsed with tapwater on the outside and then let go into the display tank since the water movement and temp will keep the dip solution in motion and on temperature during the dip.

After any type of method, after the dip it's recommended but not required to rinse the coral in Aquarium water to get rid off dead organisms on the coral.

Andre's personal note on the dip:

I personally use the dip on all my Corals for actually 2-3 hours when I see signs of potentials stress from a disease or potential parasite or new arrival.

Small PETCO tank with 7-8 Liters, a preset temp heater, and a small powerhead keeps the solution in motion and allows a safe dipping procedure.

Sick Corals sometimes do not survive, healthy corals were dipped numerous times every other day with mostly no, in some cases very minor signs of stress.

Not for Human consumption or pets.

Keep out of reach of children.


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