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Sodium Bicarbonate 3.78L Mix - Krakking Korals

Sodium Bicarbonate 3.78L Mix - Krakking Korals

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595g Makes approximately 3.78L (1 gallon) of Alkalinity

Pharmaceutical Grade

Mixing Containers



Spread the Sodium Bicarbonate 594 grams on a baking tray and heat in oven at 200°C for one hour (longer is not an issue) to drive off water and carbon dioxide. This turns the product into Soda Ash and the weight will now be reduced to around 395 grams.

Dissolve the Sodium Bicarbonate in enough water to make 3.78L. This is total volume, Place your mixing container on scales and zero the scales. Add the Sodium Bicarbonate, then add distilled or RODI water until your scales show a total volume of 3.78kg. 

Warming the water prior to no more than 35 degrees Celsius will help it dissolve faster. This solution will contain about 1,900 meq/L of alkalinity (5,300 dKH).

Added as frequently as necessary in a high flow area to maintain  alkalinity.

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