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Start Your Tank Marine 75L - Aquarium Systems

Start Your Tank Marine 75L - Aquarium Systems

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Program Unidoses Start your tank Marine
Program to start your aquarium in 30 days.

Setting up a new aquarium can be intimidating and exciting at the same time. But while excitement is good, feeling intimidated is not so good. Taking the apprehension out of the process and helping you succeed in setting up your aquarium is the goal of our Start Up Your Tank Program. The key factor of success is the cycling of the tank. The Start Up Program is designed to cycle your tank with the pleasure of enjoying your fish within 2 days.

This 30 day program will guide you through the steps to making your aquarium biologically balanced. Start the program with the first vial and then use easy to follow guide to achieve fantastic results. Once your aquarium is set up we strongly advise you to use our Maintenance Program, which will then result in a biological balanced, algae free and full of pleasurable aquarium. 

Instructions for use :
• Take the program card. Make a note of the date, this is day 1 of the program.
• Find the vial labelled Day 1.
• Select and detach the vial.
• Shake the vial to mix the solution well.
• Tap the top of the vial to remove the solution from the vial cover. Break the top of the vial.
• Pour the contents of the vial into the aquarium. Make sure all the contents of the vial has been poured into the aquarium.
• Put the lid and body of the vial in the recycling bin.
• Check your program card daily for the next action required.
• Enjoy your aquarium.
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