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Titanium S3 TDS Meter - AutoAqua

Titanium S3 TDS Meter - AutoAqua

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This light and handy inline TDS meter can measure the quality of tap water or RO/DI water instantly and keep you and your aquarium healthy.

Titanium S3 (TDS-300S)
  • Range : 0-999 ppm
  • Resolution : 1 ppm
  • Accuracy : +/- 2 %
  • Power Source : CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Battery Life : 1 year


    The high-quality titanium probe with good conductivity and durability delivers more accurate test result. Inline design can measure water quality instantly, which allows you to know when to replace the filters.


    Its compact and thin body and wide backlit LCD display fit in any places and allow you to see the reading at a glance even if it is in the dark.


    Just press the button and it will show the reading immediately and turn off after 3 minutes automatically to save battery power. The low-power indicator reminds you when to change the battery to get the most accurate test result.


    With the integrated magnet and the included 1/4” push connect union tee, you can install and attach it on your RO/DI system in a second. It is the best choice to monitor the RO/DI system and make sure you have the best water quality at any time.

    Enjoy The Purest Water

    Titanium S3 is the smallest inline TDS meter available on the market. It uses titanium probe, which performs excellent corrosion resistance. It is very easy to install with a 1/4” push connect union tee (included). Also, it is calibratable for accurate result. After 3 minutes of non-use, it will turn off automatically to conserve battery life.

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