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Universal Fixing Bracket Kit - Orphek

Universal Fixing Bracket Kit - Orphek

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Orphek Universal Fixing Bracket Kit

Orphek has created this awesome Fixing Bracket Kit specifically for the installation and positioning of our Aquarium LED illumination fixtures.


Orphek Universal Fixing Bracket Kit has our brand’s technology, quality and conceptual design. 


  • Our Universal Fixing Bracket Kit is anti-rust, heavily-built.
  • You are getting high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel components.


  • Also compatible with other LED lighting brands.


  • You can mix Orphek products or assembly 7 Orphek OR3 LED Bars!
  • Compatible with Atlantik , Atlantik Compact and OR LED Bar Lights.
  • It will complete the sleek layout if you are already using our Orphek Mounting Kit.


  • Mounts directly to aquarium tank up to 45cm high (17 inches).
  • Easy to install, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance of your aquarium and your fixtures.

What is included in the Orphek Universal Fixing Bracket Kit?

  • 4 units of M4 66mm stainless steel round head screws.
  • 10 units of M6 16mm stainless steel hex head screws.
  • 8 units of flat head nut for M4 screws.
  • (4 units) flat head nut with hole for M4 screws.
  • 1 unit of Stainless steel hanging kit.
  • 2 units of Aluminum alloy light support bars.  

Package Dimension: 

  • Length: 600 (mm) /24 (inches)
  • Width: 100 (mm) / 4 (inches)
  • Height: 50 (mm) / 2 (inches)

Package Weight: 1 Kg / 2.2 lbs

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