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Vento 1.0 Air Pump - Aquarium Systems

Vento 1.0 Air Pump - Aquarium Systems

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Air-pump for aquariums The Aquarium Systems’ VENTO series of aquarium air pumps offers low power consumption and a powerful airflow output, even in the deepest aquariums.

Its main characteristics are:

• Versatility and silence.
• Extremely quiet, its internal construction reduces vibrations and resonant noise. < 30 dB at a distance of 1 metre.
• In addition you can customize your Vento pump with a colorful, decorative cushioned jacket that will increase the absorption of noises and vibrations, as well as add a touch of style to your home's interior. Can be customised with a coloured bumper (black provided as standard).
• Complete aeration kit (pump and accessories included – pipe, diffuser and non return valve).

  • single outlet 
  • 2 watts
  • 90lph 
  • head height 1m 
  • 2 year warranty 
  • Designed in France 
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